Diwali Activities

Top 10 Best 

for Children

1. Making Diwali Cards

Encourage children to make colourful Diwali greeting cards with Diwali wishes and drawings of lamps (diyas) or firecrackers.

2. Rangoli Art

Teach kids how to build rangoli patterns out of coloured powders, flower petals, or even coloured rice.

3. Decorating Diyas

Painting and decorating earthen lamps (diyas) is a creative and entertaining activity.

4. Stringing Flower Garlands

Show youngsters how to make colourful garlands out of marigolds or other flowers, which are widely used for Diwali decorations.

5. Creating Lanterns

Assist children in creating paper lanterns or DIY paper lantern craft projects. To add a festive touch, hang these throughout the house.

6. Storytelling

Share age-appropriate Diwali stories and legends, such as the narrative of Lord Rama's return or the mythology of Narakasura.

7. Cooking and Baking

Make classic Diwali sweets and snacks with your children, like as laddoos, barfis, and murukku. 

8. Dress-Up

Encourage children to wear traditional Indian clothing such as a kurta, churidar, or saree. They can also wear colourful bangles and paint their hands with mehndi (henna).

9. Craft Projects

Make Diwali-themed crafts with the kids. They can make paper lanterns, paper mache masks, and paper diyas.

10. Dance and Music

Play traditional Diwali songs and encourage children to dance and celebrate with joy.

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