Top 10 Games for one year 

1. Peek-a-Boo

This classic game promotes object persistence. Cover your face with your hands or a cloth, then uncover it by saying "peek-a-boo."

2. Sensory Play

Fill a shallow container halfway with materials such as rice, sand, or water. Allow your youngster to use their hands to explore these textures.

3. Stacking Cups

Give your child nesting toys or stacking cups. They can hone their stacking, nesting, and pouring skills.

4. Building Blocks

Large, squishy building blocks are ideal for little hands. They can be stacked or knocked down by your youngster.

5. Puzzle Play

Simple wooden or plastic puzzles with large parts can aid in the development of fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities.

6. Ball Play

A one-year-old can enjoy rolling or gently tossing a soft ball back and forth while improving hand-eye coordination.

7. Reading Together

Engage children in the story by pointing to photos and acting out different characters with varied voices.

8. Finger Painting

Allow your youngster to express themselves creatively by using non-toxic. Finger painting is both a sensory and creative experience.

9. Bubbles

Blow bubbles is not only entertaining, but it also aids in the development of visual tracking skills.

10. Water Play

Fill a shallow container halfway with water and set out cups, funnels, and bath toys for some water fun.

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